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Steelplant and Foundry Process Measuring and control systems

MINKON Develop and Manufacture a complete range of technology systems and consumable probes for complete molten metal process control. Visit our International site www.minkon-international.com

Molten metal handling and filtration

Today’s Industry requires a high quality product and service level. MINKON foundry products are manufactured using exacting methods and materials to offer high levels of control to the modern foundry. Please contact us for more information info@minkon.co.uk

Fortafix High Temperature Adhesives and Sealants

Produced by Minkon, the Fortafix range of adhesives and sealants offer comprehensive solutions for many high temperature applications.

For more details please visit our Fortafix specific site

Insulating and Fire Resisting Heatshields.

Minkon have acquired the technology to design, develop and manufacture thermal heat shields and wraps. Produced from high performance materials the products can be bespoke or standard designs.

For further details please call or Email: heatshields@minkon.co.uk

High Temperature Resistant Gaskets and Seals.

Using a wide range of facilities Minkon can manufacture gaskets and seals for use in demanding applications, produced from premium materials they can meet customers’ requirements for many sealing and aligning systems.

For further details please call or email heatgaskets@minkon.co.uk